Flowers speak for them self. They have a language of their own. A language that signifies and validates the most important occasions in our lives. Did you know that twelve Roses imply the ultimate declaration of love, and that twenty five of them convey Congratulations? Fifty roses are meant to declare Unconditional commitment, rightly so because that is a lot of money on just flowers. They are so much a part of life that one would never think of expressing love without flowers to accompany, nor will we visit the mourning without a wreath of condolences. Be it a joyous occasion or tragic, flowers have always found a way to be present, as a very vital aspect.

Not everybody is good with words and I believe flowers in a box, beautifully wrapped with a dusty pink ribbon would make things way much easier for them or you can also surprise your loved one by having flowers delivered to them. Imagine attempting to propose to her and stumbling on your words? If you do have the signature red roses in hand she would meet you half way though and help you not make a fool of yourself. Some may think that they are overrated, especially in this day and age.

But it is undeniable that flowers bring in a sense of deep emotions and feelings that are indescribable.It may occur to you sometimes that flowers are too cliché! There are days you feel you have had enough of mom’s home cooked meals too right? And then you decide to eat out and realize at the end that you always want to go back to mom’s cooking. Flowers somewhat bring out the same notion. Just when you have decided that you have had enough of it, it casts its magical spell on you. If ever we are given the opportunity to make somebody’s birthday or even an anniversary extra special, why not go all out and have a bunch of luxury rose delivery to them.

If you really don’t want to miss a birthday and can’t clear your schedule to go out and get a bunch just the way they like it, you can always order their favourite kind online. That way you can still get your work done and will not have to miss out on a special occasion. What is not to like in flowers. Whether they are luxury roses delivered to you or ordered perfect flowers online it means that someone, somewhere loves you and is thinking of you.